Cake Carts Snow Flake Bars She hits Different – Sativa 1G



Plant type   SATIVA
THC   86.10%
CBD   0.80%
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Cake Carts Snow Flake She Hits Different

Cake Carts Snow Flake She Hits Different, Snow Flake belong to the most internationally renowned Sativa in their catalogue. In fact, this marijuana plant is a heavy-producer of resin, named after ‘Snow Flake’ due to the thick layer of white trichomes that cover her entire body making her buds look like snow-covered peaks.
No wonder then this highly-scented and potent hybrid has become the favourite of many quality hash extraction lovers.


Cake Vape Bars Snow Flake THC Cartridge

When it comes to her growth pattern, Snow Flake grows vigorously, developing many bud-packed branches that are likely to bend due to their incredible weight. Marvellous results are obtained outdoors in temperate climates.
More so, Snow Flake is a cannabis plants with very intense flavours and aromas, masterfully mixing hints of incense and fruits. Additionally, She provides a powerful, stimulating and long-lasting cerebral effect.

Eventually, This weed has a sugar-sweet scent. It is mild and not too prominent, but definitely sugary and fruity. The tart note helps round out the experience as well. Also, Cake Carts Runtz Disposable Bars.
Dive in too quickly, and you may experience some degree of anxiety or paranoia. So, pace your dosage and do not take too much at once.


Buy Cake Disposables Snow Flakes strain

The strain tends to grow up instead of branching out. With high-stress training, you can train this hybrid to grow out instead of up. Specifically, the Sea of Green (SoG) method proves to be the most efficient method for growing Pink Runtz weed.


ORIGIN Gelato, Zkittlez
EFFECTS Euphoric
Dry eyes
FRAGRANCE sugar sweet, fruity
FLAVORS sugary candy, hints of berry
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