Mango Kush (Indica) – CAKE CARTS DISPOSABLE Bar : 1G



Plant type   INDICA
THC   87.92%
CBD   0.63%
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Cake Carts Mango Kush She Hits Different

Cake Carts Mango Kush She Hits Different, another successfully engineered Kush variant, that is certain to tantalize you with both its aroma and flavors. This sweet hybrid is great for a night of being social with friends, as it will light you up with a positive energy that is sure to draw a crowd and keep you in good spirits all night.

Also, The exact history of this hybrid is a bit of a mystery, however, it most likely a cross between a Hindu Kush and a Mango indica. Lastly, Mango Kush represents the Kush lineage spectacularly, with its strong pungent scent and the giggle fits it induces.
Also, This beautifully fragrant hybrid is perfect for a night on the couch having a deep and meaningful conversation with loved ones. Equally, Mango Kush will make you feel invigorated and uplifted and embrace you in that warm and fuzzy indica glow that we all crave for.


Why Choosing Cake Vape Bars Mango Kush THC Cartridge

THC levels are usually in the moderate levels. however, this doesn’t mean that this Kush isn’t of the potent kind. Hence, This hybrid is a highly recommended medical cannabis strain, because it is a great tranquilizer, that makes you feel light and happy and free of all your aches and worries.

However, This strain provides the perfect evening release you may be looking for at the end of a day. More so, Mango Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that can have a very light and happy effect on users, making you feel smiley and giggly and just ready for a nice and pleasant time. Cake Carts Angel Cake Bar


Cake Disposables Mango Kush strain

This hybrid’s sweet mango flavor makes for a uniquely lush high. Mango Kush carries a sweet pine flavor that is obvious in its smoke. However, This delicious bud will make your lips taste like tropical fruits, and has a sweet earthy aftertaste to it that will enhance its pleasant high.

ORIGIN Mango mixed with Hindu Kush
EFFECTS happy – 10
relaxed – 9
euphoric – 8
giggly – 8
uplifted – 7
ADVERSE REACTIONS dry mouth – 10
dry eyes – 9
dizzy – 3
paranoid – 3
headache – 1
FRAGRANCE earthy, fruity, mango, pungent
FLAVORS earthy, woody, spicy, herbalmango, sweet, tropical, fruity, pine
MEDICAL stress – 10
depression – 8
pain – 6
insomnia – 5
headaches – 4
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