The BackPack Boyz are known for their unique and high-quality cannabis flowers, with popular strains like Apple Gelato and Cherry Gelato. Their collaboration with the Cookies family has resulted in strains like Zerbert, which has sedative effects and a minty taste. Here are some of the most well-reviewed and in-demand BackPack Boyz strains.

Backpack Boyz White Cherry Gelato exudes a delightful aroma, while offering a delectable creamy flavour. Consumers enjoy its ability to provide an uplifting effect to fight depression and ease stress-filled days. A 3.5g package of this strain is available.

Scottie Pippen, a firm resolution is paramount. People have been speaking of the renowned figure who grew this strain, however, the weed is similarly impressive. This strain has an alluring, indica-dominant hit.

Scottie Pippen has a broad variety of flavours that titillate the taste buds. Inhaling its essence, you can savour the luxuriant combination of decadent dark chocolate and coffee ice cream. Furthermore, the limonene terpene imparts a sharp, zesty taste with each inhalation.

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