Cake Carts Apple Fritter Disposable Bars Hybrid 1G



Plant type   HYBRID
THC   89.64%
CBD   1.01%
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Cake Carts Apple Fritter She Hits Different Hybrid

Cake Carts Apple Fritter She Hits Different, If you enjoy having dessert for breakfast, you probably love apple fritters. If you want an intensely sweet, euphoric strain, you’ll love Apple Fritter weed. This mysterious but beloved strain provides a euphoric experience that results in intense creativity.

On the other hand, the body buzz is deeply relaxing, so most people wind up working on things that can be done from the couch. Also, Apple Fritter weed is useful therapeutically.
The sheer intensity of the high is perfect for calming issues that nothing else can touch. Anxiety and depression yield to the immediate euphoria, while chronic pain disappears. However, If it usually takes large amounts to find relief, Apple Fritter may be the better option. Cake Carts Sugar Cookies Disposable Bar.


Cake Vape Bars Apple Fritter THC Cartridge

The Apple Fritter strain is the incredibly powerful blend of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. Lumpy’s Flowers, the original breeder, has kept most information tightly under wraps. Moreover, They state that it’s an indica-dominant hybrid, which makes sense considering its effects and genetics.
Eventually, The THC level of this strain is where it shines – concentrations average 28% to 32%.


Buy Cake Disposables Apples Fritter strain

It’s relaxing and deeply soothing, which makes it a great way to spend a lazy evening. Equally, The sheer intensity of the relaxation does lead to some mild sedation, and some users find that they drop off to sleep as the high winds down. Overall, it’s a delicious experience that allows users to spend hours flying high and completely relaxed.


ORIGIN Sour Apple and Animal Cookies
EFFECTS creativity, euphoria, relaxation, body buzz
FRAGRANCE sweet, herbal, sweet citrus
FLAVORS spicy pine, sweet, herbal, earthy notes
MEDICAL depression, stress, anxiety, migraines
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