Cheetah Piss Cookies

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About Cheetah Piss Cookies

Order cheetah Piss Cookies   Buy Cheetah Piss Cookies   Bucking about every strain name trend that’s hot right now, the Cheetah Piss strain is the Cookies brand’s next genetic powerhouse. Cheetah Piss was created by breeding together three of their most decadent plants: Lemonade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake 97. The logo dawning their signature blue bag is a psychedelic portrait of the fastest land animal on the planet.

This crazy hybrid registers around 25 percent THC, according to Cookies. Buy Cheetah Piss Cookies  This strain is brand new so there isn’t any other information on the aromatics, flavors, or effects right now.

This strain’s name may be incredibly off-putting to some, but believe it or not, there’s already a popular cannabis plant with a similar name. Cat Piss is a fairly common sativa strain that you can on the West Coast. This strange Super Silver Haze phenotype has stinky aromas with ammonia-like qualities that some people liken to a smell that drifts out of a litter box. Maybe Cheetah Piss and Cat Piss smell similar to one another? (I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.) Regardless of the oddity, this strain has somewhat of a cult following. Cookies’ Cheetah Piss strain is likely to attract some of this crowd from the name alone.


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