Cake Carts Space Cake Bar She Hits Different Indica 1G



Plant type   INDICA
THC   89.13%
CBD   0.87%
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Cake Carts Space Cake She Hits Different

Cake Carts Space Cake She Hits Different, The Space Cake strain is a groovy, mind-altering experience that’s perfect for spacing out all day long. However, Experienced users will love the well-balanced head high that’s both uplifting and intense.
Also, The incredibly relaxing body effects keep you on the couch for long conversations about life, the universe, and anything else that comes to mind.

The Space Cakes strain is a seriously spacey combo of Girl Scout Cookies and White Lotus. Bodhi Seeds, the creator of Space Cake weed, selected the best, most balanced offspring of these two for a slightly indica-dominant high. However, The result is a plant with a sky-high THC level, averaging about 20%.


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This strain will deliver a head high, but space cakes have therapeutic use as well. Pain and muscle soreness are no match for the complete relaxation offered by the body high. Meanwhile, users with anxiety, stress, and depression have all reported improvements when they explore the universe with Cake Carts Sugar Cookies Disposable Bars.

More so, The body high is a perfect complement to the head high. The whole body, all the way to the tips of fingers and toes, feels completely relaxed. You won’t want to go anywhere,


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Not long after the first toke, the complete euphoria sends you to the moon and back. Therefore, A gentle buzz builds between the eyes and slowly twinkles its way through the rest of the body, with peace following in its wake. Again, The head high remains balanced, with relaxation and energy coming in equal measure.


ORIGIN Girl Scout Cookies X White Lotus
EFFECTS Strong euphoria
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) Dry eyes and cottonmouth
FRAGRANCE Earthy scent
FLAVORS Nutty, spicy effect with hints of sweet spice
MEDICAL Helps with depression and anxiety
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