Mimosa (Sativa) – CAKE CARTS DISPOSABLE Vape : 1g



Plant type   Sativa
THC   89.26%
CBD   1.61%
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Cake Carts Mimosa She Hits Different, strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s 70% sativa and 30% indica. However, Its parents are Clementine and Purple Punch, and it’s been growing in popularity since it first appeared in 2017. Also, People enjoy the uplifting effects and cerebral high of this flavorful strain.

For moderate marijuana consumers, it is best to go slow with this one, because the Mimosa strain THC level can vary from 17% to a staggering 30% depending on who grows it and how it’s grown. Again, If there was any brain fog, it quickly dissipates and is replaced by motivation and focus. Most of the effects are felt in the body rather than in the mind. Cake Carts Stardust bar.


Why Choosing Cake Bars Mimosa THC Live Resin Cartridge

Mimosa is a pick-me-up that can chase away sleep and motivate you to get things done. Firstly, It’s best taken during the day when its uplifting and energy-boosting effects are most useful.
Secondly, , A delicious citrusy aroma. It blends both sweet and sour notes, just like the drink that this cannabis strain is named after. Lastly, “Fresh earthy herbs” and “woody florals” are commonly used phrases when mimosa strain info is provided by users.
If chronic fatigue has been the bane of your life, Mimosa is a must-try. It provides an energy boost that makes nearly anyone get up and go. A few people say it also helps to reduce nausea.


Cake Cart Mimosa strain Disposable

This strain tastes just like it smells, similar to a Mimosa. Berries blend with citrusy, tropical flavors, producing a sweet yet sour effect.
Hence, The Mimosa strain genetics of Purple Punch and Clementine produce several terpenes associated with mood and stress relief. Mood disorders, such as depression, are often impacted by this strain, and many say it is quite beneficial.

ORIGIN Clementine and Purple Punch
EFFECTS Gradual burst of energy
FRAGRANCE Delicious citrusy aroma
FLAVORS Citrusy, tropical flavors
MEDICAL Mood and stress relief
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