Gushers (Indica) – Cake Carts Disposable : 1G



Plant type   INDICA
THC   89.7%
CBD   0.80%
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Cake Carts Gushers Disposable She Hits Different

Cake Carts Gushers Disposable She Hits Different, Fruity, juicy, sweet, and gooey; that’s Gushers in a nutshell. Furthermore, Not just when it comes to the candy, either. The indica-leaning Gushers strain of weed is all that and more.
It has a euphoric head high that will make you almost as giddy as a kid in a candy store. In addition, Luckily, the body buzz will relax you and keep you from feeling like you’re bouncing off the walls.

The Gushers weed strain (also known as Fruit Gushers) is a California Cookies Fam Genetics creation. Moreover, They’ve crossed their famous Gelato #41 with a tropical treat known as Triangle Kush. Technically, The result is a tasty 60% indica/40% sativa hybrid with some of the best traits from both parents.
THC content varies depending on the grower, but it averages about 15%. Also,  Some plants can reach all the way up to 25%, though. If you treat your plants well, you’ll be rewarded.


Cake Vape Bars Gushers THC Cartridge

Gushers is great for more than just recreational use, too. The moderate THC levels in many varieties make it ideal for therapeutic use. The even, hybrid qualities are useful for everything from chronic pain to anxiety.
The euphoric head high combined with a relaxing body high eases worries while also easing aches and pains. Also, Cake Carts Guava Guava Disposable Bars

Just like the candy, Gushers smells sweet and fruity. Hence, There’s a serious hint of creamy cookies from the Gelato #41 heritage. Once you spend a little time with it, the herby, spicy undertones start to come through.

Cake Disposables Gushers strain

There aren’t many surprises to the flavor once you’ve smelled Gushers. However, Your first toke will be a big mouthful of sour fruity candy, with heavy tropical notes. There’s also a matching cookies and cream aspect that keeps the experience smooth.

ORIGIN Gelato #41 X Triangle Kush
EFFECTS energetic, body-calming, mellow
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry eyes, cottonmouth, drowsy, slightly paranoid
FRAGRANCE creamy cookies, herby, spicy undertones
FLAVORS sour fruity candy, heavy tropical notes, creamy cookies
MEDICAL Depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic stress
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