OC Kush (INDICA) – LITTO Disposable THC Vape Bar : 1G



 Strain Type INDICA
  THC   90.23%
  Quantity   1 Gram
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OC Kush Litto Disposable Bar Straw

OC Kush Litto Disposable Bar, Enjoy a mini tropical escape when grabbing LITTO’s OC Kush Live Resin. From the first inhale, a tiny hint of tree fruit shows itself and is instantly followed by a menthol flavor that thoroughly penetrates and lifts users from the inside out.

Grab LITTO’s Infused OC Kush and give yourself an awesome treat. OC Kush by Cookie Family. The Indica-leaning, clone-only version of OC Kush from San Francisco is a hybrid of Granddaddy Purple and an F1 Durban Poison. The strain was originally bred by the Bay Area’s Pieguy and immediately cultivated by Jigga, head of genetics for Cookie Family.

Why Choosing OC Kush Litto Disposable Cartridge

During growth, the strain produces a hefty, dense flower that’s typically layered in trichomes and intertwined with rust-colored pistils. At the 2014 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup, the strain won 3rd place in the Medical Sativa category. Also, Star Fritter Litto Disposable THC Vape Bar – 1G HYBRID.

OC Kush by Riot Seeds. Riot Seeds offers a cross of the female Cherry Pie clone-only strain and a male WCD 710 (West Coast Dawg/Sugenite OG). This Sativa-dominant hybrid OC Kush produces short plants with a maroon/purple coloration. The F1 plant’s flowering time is roughly 9 weeks.


OC Kush Litto THC Vape Bars Live Resin

This strain smells like earth fresh after a bout of rain. Its dank herbal aroma is soothing and inviting, and peppered with a little sweet and spicy. However, OC Kush is both pungent and fruity, and has a strong presence that is guaranteed to keep the room smelling like bud, long after it has been smoked.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 7
Euphoric – 6
Uplifted – 6
Sleepy – 4
FRAGRANCE Earthy, fruity, pungent, spicy, sweet
FLAVORS Citrus, fruity, pine, spicy, sweet
Dry eyes – 8
Paranoid – 3
Anxious – 2
Dizzy – 1


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