Earth OG (Indica) – KURVANA DISPOSABLE : 0.5g | ASCND All-In-One



Strain type  INDICA
THC   92.15%
Cannabis oil content (PEN)   500mG


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Earth OG Kurvana Disposable is a indica cartridge that is pre-filled and portable. Because it contains the essence of the whole live plant, it is abundant in rich, pungent terpenes like beta-caryophyllene, which is the predominant terpene in this hybrid indica strain. Like all of our cannabis vape cartridges, Earth OG is a full-spectrum cannabis oil.

Earth and baking spices dominate on the palate, and if you’re a fan of Sour Diesel, you’ll enjoy the more subtle diesel notes and herbaceous flavors and aromas of this potent and powerful indica pen from ASCND line.



Why Choosing EARTH OG [ASCND] Vape Pen Flavor

It boasts a fairly high THC content. Effects are more cerebral than physical at the outset and can include feelings of euphoria, happiness, and creativity. Some users find this strain tends to spark lively conversation, which makes it an excellent companion for hanging out with friends. It also has relaxing effects, offering full body relaxation that increases according to the amount consumed, eventually leading to a state of deep tranquility or sleepiness. Earth OG is versatile since it is a good choice for social activities, but equally ideal to enjoy solo before drifting off into the blissful sleep it facilitates.

For medical users, Earth OG is purported to be helpful for symptoms of depression and anxiety, and may also be useful for nausea. Also, High Fashion (Sativa) – KURVANA DISPOSABLE : 0.5g | ASCND All-In-One


KURVANA Vape EARTH OG Strain Effects

So you can easily recover from a bad day and chill out. Don’t underestimate it. You can get a little too high if you hit it quickly. Beginners may find its level of potency to be too intense and overwhelming. This is not to say that one should totally avoid. Users report feeling relaxed with this high potency product.

 GENETICS Sour Diesel and OG Kush or possibly Ghost OG
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10

Uplifted – 8

Happy – 7
Creative – 7

stress – 3

fatigue – 3

depression – 9

headache – 3

paranoid – 8

CANNABINOIDS  D9-THC: 463.97mg | CBG: 3.86% | THCV: 0.69% | CBN: 0.62%
PROMINENT TERPENES D-Limonene, β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene

  • Earthy
  • Pine
  • Pungent


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