Cherry Punch Jeeter Disposable Live Resin Straw: 500 mg | Hybrid | 73.37% THC



Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   73.37%
Quantity   500mg


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Cherry Punch Jeeter Juice Disposable Bar Straw

Cherry Punch Jeeter Disposable Juice Bar Carts, it follows in her parents’ footsteps, so it’s no surprise that she’s considered one of the best-tasting potent cannabis strains available today. This strain sounds like a fruity drink.
However, the punch in Cherry Punch is something you feel. The indica induced effects deliver deep relaxation, while a Sativa-derived euphoria quickly fills the mind. You’re now experiencing a truly relaxing high. The most prominent cherry punch strain effects are relaxation; however, even relaxation can be overwhelming. Although joyful, you’ll feel grounded. Some describe the experience as giggly, relaxed, uplifted, and happy.

Buy Cherry Punch Jeeter Disposables Cartridge

Also, Jeeter Juice Ice Cream Banana Disposable Bar. This hybrid cannabis strain may lean towards the Sativa side, but its effects maintain a good balance between both worlds. Filled with fragrant, mint-colored, dense buds, Cherry Punch plants’ foliage includes hints of purple and bright orange hairs.
Cherry Punch is a cross between Purple Punch and Cherry AK-47 and was created by Symbiotic Genetics. Purple Punch is a well-known Indica strain with a flavor similar to blueberry muffins and a grape-flavored candy smell. Cherry AK-47, on the other hand,  is a well-balanced hybrid with a similarly sweet fragrance and fruity flavor.

Cherry Punch Jeeter THC Disposable Bars Live Resin

The sweet smells of this hybrid reveal potent terpenes like caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. These help to reduces stress, uplift mood, and provide a physically calming effect. This ‘wake and bake’ bud (as Symbiotic Genetics calls it) helps boost energy, relaxes the body, and never makes you tired.


ORIGIN Purple Punch and Cherry AK-47
Dry mouth and eyes
Hunger pangs
FRAGRANCE Fruity, berries, skunk, pungent, earthy, grape, pine
FLAVORS Cherry, sweet, slightly pungent
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