• 1000mg Per Disposable
  • 150-250 Puffs Per Device
  • All disposables come with a verification scan code
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Muha Meds Disposable, A sleek, discrete and high performing disposable distillate vape pen for people on-the-go. Made with 100% solvent free oil and cannabis/botanical derived terpenes to ensure purity. Extracted directly from freshly harvested, flash-frozen cannabis plants, Muha Med’s Exotic Reserve Live Resin cartridges preserve the authentic taste profile and deliver a full spectrum cannabis extract.The company received its California license (C11-0001088-LIC) in February and today, its products are available at numerous retailers including the Elevate dispensaries, Backpack Boys, and others, and plans for additional locations are also in the works. For other locations that carry their products, visit their Weedmaps brand page.


Order Muha Meds Diamond Reserve Disposable Full gram

Note that, Over the years, Muha Meds products have been enjoyed by thousands of cannabis consumers — in California, the company’s biggest seller so far is its full-gram, live resin disposable, which is rechargeable and comes in a variety of eight flavors. Each live resin disposable carries a guaranteed potency of at least 82% THC. The company also offers full-gram cartridges in 14 unique and fantastic-tasting flavors. Muha Meds has conducted extensive research and development in search of the best smoking experience.


Muha Meds Liquid Diamond For sale

Firstly, Enjoy our liquid Live Resin on-the-go with our full-spectrum concentrate vape. Inside you’ll find our ultra-potent strain specific diamond extract, melted and refined into our vape friendly engineered formula. Full-spectrum. No solvents. Secondly, Take your diamonds with you wherever you go. Every product Muha Meds creates starts with their natural proprietary phytocannabinoid-rich strain. Lastly, The hemp is grown in nutrient-rich soil in Colorado and their farmers operate under strict guidelines and use only 100% organic practices. Blueberry Alien Mints (HYBRID) – ALIEN LABS Disposable [Live Resin] : .05g


Muha Meds 1000mg Disposable Prices

More so, Muha Meds takes advantage of a state-of-the-art farming process. Not only does this enhance the quality of their natural proprietary strains, but it also makes sure their products are safe, regulated and unsurpassed in their potency and consistency. Muha Meds Disposable is Refined from pure live resin extracts. Top premium Terpenes. Top shelf exotic carts with high THC Level, Diamond Reserve Disposable packaging.
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Best Most Demanded Muha Meds Disposables flavors

Lists but to name a few;

  • Crem Brulee,
  • Diamond Peaches,
  • Papaya Live,
  • Muha Sauced,
  • Watermelon Skittlez,
  • Razz Tazz,
  • Lemonado,
  • Green Apple Runtz,
  • White Walker,
  • Mango Chelo,
  • Kush Mints,
  • Gogi OG,
  • Blueberry Cookies,
  • Orange Creamsicle,
  • Slurricane,
  • Sherbelato Fuel,
  • Muha OG,
  • Mango Punch,
  • Watermelon Kush,
  • Green Apple Runtz,
  • Do Si Cake,

Additional information

  • Crem Brulee Diamond Reserve Disposable 1,000mg
  • Diamond Peaches Diamond Reserve Disposable 1,000mg
  • Papaya Live Diamond Reserve Disposable 1,000mg
  • Muha Sauced Diamond Reserve Disposable 1,000mg
  • Watermelon Skittlez Disposable 1,000 mg
  • Razz Tazz Disposable 1,000mg
  • Lemonado Disposable 1,000mg
  • Green Apple Runtz 1,000mg Disposable
  • White Walker Disposable 1,000mg
  • Mango Chelo 1,000mg Disposable
  • Kush Mints 1,000mg Disposable
  • Gogi OG 1,000mg Disposable
  • Blueberry Cookies 1,000mg Disposable
  • Orange Creamsicle Refined Live Resin
  • Slurricane Refined Live Resin Disposable
  • Sherbelato Fuel Refined Live Resin Disposable
  • Muha OG Refined Live Resin Disposable
  • Mango Punch Refined Live Resin Disposable
  • Watermelon Kush Refined Live Resin Disposable
  • Green Apple Runtz Refined Live Resin Disposable
  • Do Si Cake Refined Live Resin Disposable


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