Garlic Mints (Hybrid) – COOKIES Weed : 3.5g



Strain Type HYBRID
THC   42%
Quantity    3.5G
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Garlic Mints Cookies Weed. We know. Not exactly the most appetizing name. But hear us out: there’s garlic on the nose, sure, but that leads to herbal, earthy goodness on the palate with a hint of wood. Word to the wise: keep this one discrete. Just like cooking with garlic, you can smell the pungent smoke on this coming from a mile away. Experience: Not that we’d ever condone playing hooky from work, but if, say, you happened to get “sick” (cough, cough) and had a whole day to yourself, this is the bud you want in your pocket. Cerebral mind buzzing eventually gives way to a total body experience that imparts a sense of calming euphoria… while completely laying you out on the couch.4 customer reviews



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To name a few Available Products  (Some Coming soon) – Berner Cookies Carts, Gummies, Leafly Seeds, Disposables Vapes,  Pure Extracts of Wax oil, THC Level are considerable, Live resin extracts, Hash, Dabs, Edibles, Cartridges, Jokes up, Tins/Cans,  Also checkout, Lemonnade – Lychee (SATIVA) – Berner Cookies Weed 3.5G

    • Berner Cookies for Sale near Me
      At Calivania Buds dispensary Online where we offer affordable prices Packs or Bulk and Wholesale Deals available . Reviews displayed on Testimonials Page, Do well to throw in some good words for us 🙂
    • Best Most Purchased Berner Cookies flavors

      Lists but to name a few;
      => London Pound Cake Cookies,
      => Lemon chello,
      => Larry Peyton,
      => Grenadine,
      => Sweat Tea,
      => Cereal Milk,


    •   Where and How to Order Berner Cookies Brands
      At our weed store. For shop or website smoking products. We offer Delivery in EUROPE and in all US States. To name a few; California, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Georgia, Baltimore, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida.

What do you think, this flower is a Sativa, Indica OR Hybrid strain 🙂 ? 

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