Oakfruitland | OAK-LATO (Indica) : 3.5G


Strain type INDICA
Quantity 3.5 Grams
THC 30.61%
CBD 0.02%
Lineage Lemon Cherry Gelato x Gelato 41
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Oak-Lato Oakfruitland, A cross with Lemon Cherry Gelato x Gelato 41, creamy tasting terpenes with a touch of lemon bringing a smooth smoke that will leave you in the couch

EFFECTS:  Rated as high potency; It blasts into you like an oncoming lava flow. For smokers looking for that solid punch, this strain’s quick onset is impossible to ignore. The body high makes it feel like you’re moving in an old diving suit, but the boost of euphoria and mental drive is almost misleading.


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This one has been on my radar for the better part of a year now so I was stoked to see it on the shelves of the Oakfruitland. Oakfruitland, a cultivation based in Oakland Fruitvale district. Aiming to produce high quality indoor flower with affordable price to the California cannabis connoisseurs. is popular in the traditional market, and as far as I know this is the first regulated drop from the gang. I’m hoping to find a juicy, blue raspberry style Gelato with a bit of Z thrown in. Let’s dive in. Also checkout, Insane | Ice Cream Cake (Hybrid) : 3.5G

The nose on Oak-Lato is just as powerful as expected, but not necessarily the terpenes profile I was imagining. Loads of soapy citrus rind up front, followed by some astringent skunk notes, a hint of that freshly washed linen and dryer sheet come into play before concluding with a saltwater Taffy version of blue fruit punch. Volume is around an 8, and it is rockin’. For a regulated drop, this bud is in dandy condition. The humidity is on point, and in a proper state to be enjoyed immediately via combustion or vapor. Aesthetically, this is a pretty gorgeous looking bud with its rich dark purple hues and rich, shimmering coat of trichs. A bit of sticky grapefruit peel is left on my fingers after the breakdown.



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