Mamba OG (Indica) – HIGH 90s : 3.5g



Strain Type   INDICA
THC   46%
Quantity    3.5G


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MAMBA OG High 90’s Exotic Cannabis Flower 3.5G

Mamba OG High 90s weed, is an indica strain created by crossing Black Mamba and SFV OG. This strain has a flavor profile that consists of sweet grapes with notes of earthy pine and lemon. Expect some initial head haziness with an upbeat feeling followed by a transition into a state of deep relaxation. Effects: Uplifting, Relaxed

Mamba OG is a cross-bred balanced hybrid strain that inherited its supreme genetics from its unbelievably fruity parent strains. This strain can sometimes feel more indica to some users, but is generally known for its uplifting yet relaxing properties, highlighted by its sour citrus aroma.



Why Choose High 90s Mamba OG Flowers, Top Shelf Buds

Delivering a heavy relaxing body high while providing a clear and focused mind, this strain is a perfect way to help stay focused any time of the day. Also, High 90s : Strawberry Mochi 3.5g Flower

Mamba OG is potent mix between Grape Ape and sativa Grapefruit, resulting in a fragrant flower with a complex fruitiness that stands out from the rest. Its THC levels can be milder than its counterparts, but this didn’t stand in its way of bagging the first place Best indica prize at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in both San Francisco and Michigan.



High 90s Mamba OG kush strain Nugs Effects

Rumors say that Mamba has been cross-bred with another unknown strain to become what it is today, which we can thank the breeders at 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz for. Since then it has only grown more popular as it displays its many useful applications as both a medicinal as well as a recreational plant.

ORIGIN Gelato 41 x Zkittlez
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 9
Euphoric – 8
Uplifted – 5
Sleepy – 5
FRAGRANCE Grape, Lemon, Pine
FLAVORS Sweet, berry, grape, citrus, grapefruit, tropical
Dry eyes – 10
Dry mouth – 10
Anxious – 1
Headache – 1
MEDICAL Depression – 10
Stress – 10
Nausea – 7
Pain – 6
Insomnia – 6
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