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Zoap Strain Powered by Doja Exclusive

Zoap Doja Exclusive is another brilliant, evenly-balanced weed that has cannabis connoisseurs talking. They aren’t bothered by the aroma that reminds them of soap. The sweet floral overtones and THC effects compensate for it. Besides, the cultivar is adored for having high potency levels. If you don’t already know what that translates to, just think hours of pure, heavy-hitting euphoria and a whole lot of giggling. Don’t be shy to add it to your cannabis stash, whether for medical or recreational purposes.

Is Zoap Strain indica or sativa?

This majestic marijuana flower is considered a true hybrid, boasting 50% indica and 50% sativa, according to AllBud.  Zoap combines the genetics of two equally balanced strains, the Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava. Smoked, dabbed, or otherwise enjoyed, expect a well-balanced euphoric experience. Also checkout, Doja Exclusive – Wizard Trees | American Pie (Hybrid)

More Zoap Strain Characteristics

The nugget looks round and dense, with a dark olive green shade, complemented by deep purple undertones. Fine amber-colored hair and shiny dark-purple trichomes add a finishing touch to the appearance. However, it is the THC levels that caught the attention of those in support of marijuana as alternative medicine. Averaging THC levels of around 25%-26% contributes to the hybrid’s ability to treat chronic stress, depression, nausea, and appetite loss.

Where to Buy Zoap Strain in USA

Itching to experience this heavy-hitting marijuana or need to replenish your supply? It’s available at our cannabis dispensary, located at 481 Applegate Way, Ashland, OR. We cater to the medical and recreational cannabis needs of hybrid lovers in Ashland, Medford, Klamath Falls, and Mc Loughlin. Visit the online menu to shop for Zoap and other high-quality cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures.

Strains like Zoap Strain

Cannabis strains that provide physical and cerebral effects like Zoap include:

  • Icecream Gelato
  • Guava Dawg
  • Mango Kush
  • Critical Skunk
  • Cherry Pie

This is according to Leafly, a marijuana education website that relies on science to find strains with similar terpenes and effects.


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