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Buy Korova Vape Carts Online, Recently they have made their entry into the pre-filled vape cartridge game. Filled with high potency distillate and using the latest in CCELL tech for solid hits. With eye catching packaging marked with their signature three eyed cow, Korova cartridges aim to impress. Korova cartridges are available in California, Nevada and Arizona. In this Korova cartridge review we’ll be trying out the Super Silver Haze cart and see why they made our best list of THC vape carts for California. They probably will make our Nevada list once we try it out there. Buy Korova Vape carts Thc reviews.


Excellent strength distillate
Dense, flavorful hits with thick vapor
Exemplary flavor profile
Eye catching packaging
Clean and accurate test results

                              Korova Vape Cartridges For Sale

While one gets the expected performance out of the CCELL cart on offer here the distillate that Korova puts in them stands head and shoulders above many. It’s potent and thick and delivers thick clouds of vapor that you’ll feel quick. The flavor of the Super Silver Haze strain was a particularly tasty citrus and very lightly pine accented taste that was deeply enjoyable It’s a bit harsh on the lungs though and prone to leaving you wheezing with particularly deep or multiple hits. This is only a side note thanks to the potency it delivers on.
The Korova cart makes use of the newest CCELL design, delivering reliable excellent performance. But they don’t slack on the appearance just because they got reliable hardware. The ceramic reed-style mouthpiece is a matte black, making for a very professional finish when combined with their three-eyed cow logo cleanly printed on the cartridge in stark black and white. The information band over what would otherwise be the plain metal housing helps to make this cartridge feel distinct as well. Each cart is color coded depending on the strain within. The performance and efficiency of the cart is, as expected from CCELL’s latest offerings, excellent and stands among the best. Buy Korova Vape carts Delivery.

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The high it delivers is long lasting and euphoric, with plenty of creative energy abound. Keep in mind its potency, as it can quickly get to be a bit much and send you into a napping frenzy instead of a creative one. The Korova cart manages to brings its A-game on number of hits and efficiency, even if helped by CCELL on the latter. There is almost no distillate left in the tube at all by the end, after a full week of use. Its thick concentrate never drains quickly even when taking large hits. This isn’t the cheapest cart you can find but for the number of hits you get at the strength they are it’s an excellent deal by just about anyone’s measure. Buy Korova Vape Carts Disposable.

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