Bloom Live Surf All-In-One 500mg| White Walker (Indica)


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White Walker Bloom Disposable Bars Live Resin Vape 500mg

White Walker Bloom Disposable Cart THC, is coming. Sometimes known as White Walker Kush, the White Walker OG strain is an Indica variation of the well-known SFV OG Kush. The “OG” part could stand for Original Genetics or even Original Gangster, but the name’s exact origin is unknown. From the Gold Coast Collection of Los Angeles, this winner of the High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup now enjoys worldwide popularity.

Described as a roller coaster of a strain that does it all, this strain is quite potent (its THC levels get as high as 22%) and well known for its ability to swiftly improve your mood and energy level. Both artists and athletes will appreciate its immediate euphoric boost and motivation, as feelings of creativity and focus set in. Simultaneously, the relaxation that ensues can be incredibly enjoyable for practitioners of yoga and meditation.


Bloom Classic Surf Disposables White Walker Solvent Free Extracts

More so, Bloom Classic Surf All-In-One 500mg | Green Crack (Sativa). White Walker moves at a run, kicking in quickly. At first, you’ll experience an intense cerebral euphoria with a gradually increasing high. Eventually, it tapers off into a relaxed drowsy state, perfect for those wishing to fall asleep. Your body starts to unwind as you grow tired and gradually sink into the couch.

Around the same time, the weed’s restful body high begins to take effect. It lets you lose yourself in a state of deep relaxation. You’re left unfocused (in a delightful way) and at ease for hours on end. One of the best White Walker strain uses is relaxation after a long day at work. Many have appreciated this strain’s ability to help them fall asleep after a busy, stressful day.


Buy Bloom Live Surf Bar Cartridges Extracts White Walker strain Effects

White Walker Kush is a fast grower during both the vegetative phase and the flowering phase. When growing this strain, be prepared to harvest fairly quickly. Both of its parent strains, White Widow and Skywalker Kush, are well known for their abundantly large yields when harvest time comes around. Training the plants into larger, bushier shapes can help increase this harvest even more.

Origin White Widow and Skywalker Kush
Plant type 40% Indica /60% Sativa
THC 18%-22%
CBD 0.46% – 0.67%
Effects Euphoric
Fragrance Grape
Flavors Berry


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