Big Chief Carts White Widow THC Vape Cartridge 1G



Strain Type   INDICA
THC   82.10%
Quantity    1 Gram


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White Widow Chief Carts Premium Distillate Cartridges

Chief Carts White Widow THC Vape Cartridge,This 1990’s hybrid cannabis strain is touted as a staple in the Amsterdam coffee-shop scene. Firstly,  Known as an indica-dominant strain, White Widow strain is known and loved for its steady, strong head high.

White Widow gets its name from the crystals it is covered in. Hence, This consequently means that it looks a little like it is dipped in sugar, something that you smell traces of when smoked. Secondly, It is incredibly pungent and strong in fragrance, with earthy and spicy undertones.

Lastly, A clear favorite among medical consumers, patients have used White Widow in the battle against many ailments. Also, It has helped ease symptoms and all sorts of mood disorders, ranging from PMS to anxiety and depression. PTSD and ADD/ADHD are also being successfully treated with the use of White Widow.

Chief Cartridges White Widow Live Resin THC Vape

Moreover, White Widow provides an expansive, social high with a light-bodied presence. As a result, This is what makes it popular among those who want to steer clear from a heavy couch-lock. The balanced, well-engineered strain. So, It can leave you feeling physically relaxed, without the extreme heaviness that many day-time users try to avoid.

Much like its fragrance, White Widows’ flavors are also reminiscent of its famed earthiness. Moreover, The smoke is known to be sweet and leaves a slight sugary after-taste in the mouth. Hints of pine and wood can also be detected in its flavors, making it a very special and interesting mix of notes. Also, Chief Carts Sunset Gelato THC Vape. 

Buy Big Chief Extracts White Widow strain

White Widow is popular among recreational users, as well as experienced aficionados, for its very gentle presence of side effects. Eventually,  Among the few adverse reactions, dry mouth is the most prevalent one, and dry eyes and a sensation of dehydration has also been observed.


ORIGIN South American Sativa x South Indian Indica
EFFECTS Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed, Creative
FRAGRANCE Pungent, earthy, spicy, herbal
FLAVORS Earthy, woody, pungent, sweet, sugary
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Paranoid, Dizzy
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